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Cooperation memorandum to organise Tallsinki-Monaco Electric Marathon 2018


World Sport Volunteers Movement SCULT joins forces with His Serene Highness Prince of Monaco Albert to empower the legendary Tallsinki-Monaco Electric Car Marathon 2018 with volunteers. … more

Mallorca 312 – Taking on the Toughest Endurance Bike Race in Europe

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As experienced by Ott Pärna, (42) economist, journalist and CEO of SCULT. … more

Stefano Raus – I Volunteer Because... "My Effort Gives Positive Energy to Others!"


We are excited to introduce our friends and dedicated global Volunteers. By dedicating their time, energy, and expertise, they help make a positive impact on the lives of many people. Today we introduce Stefano Raus. Stefano is a passionate speed-skater and orienteer. He started volunteering at the age of 13 as an instructor for his speed-skating club. Here comes his inspiring story! … more